A Soldier Shot A Kachin Teen Dead, Uproar Ensues

So this incident happened in Myitkyina, the capital of Kachin State where most people are ethnic Kachin. The Myanmar army have an outpost there. There was a confrontation between 8 Kachin youths and 2 soldiers on the night of June 20, 2016. One soldier opened fire when a Kachin boy named "Gum Seng Awng" tried to grab his rifle. The Kachin boy was dead on the spot. People started talking about it on social media after the news broke. Burmese people are generally defending the soldier as he was on duty and he had to protect his rifle. And Kachin people are furious as one of their own was shot dead by a Burmese soldier. I'm not sure which side is more correct but I wish the truth prevailed.
(Photo: Kachin Waves / Facebook)

On Monday night in the Kachin State capital, an unarmed 19-year-old ethnic Kachin university student, Gum Seng Awng, was shot to death by a Burma Army soldier.

The Ministry of Defense announced in The Global New Light of Myanmar, a state-run newspaper, on Wednesday, “The death of a Kachin man on Monday night was caused by a misfire from a soldier’s gun.”

“The two soldiers were providing security at the Bala Min Htin Bridge in Myitkyina and were escorting four [female] civilians who asked them to help as they were being threatened by a group of men,” said the statement. “When the soldiers arrived back [at] the bridge, a group comprising eight men fought them and attempted to grab the arm of a soldier, who then apparently misfired his weapon killing a young male.”

The two soldiers were injured and are receiving medical treatment at a local Army battalion base.

“Action will be taken according to the procedures,” said the Ministry of Defense.
You can read more about it on Irrawaddy.

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